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CrocosNFT is a collection of 2000 Crypto Crocodile NFTs – unique digital collectibles living in their natural habitat; the brand new Cronos Blockchain. 


With a Croco to your name, we will assure you a glorious adventure. Your CrocoNFT grants you many different KEEPERS ONLY benefits, first of which is an Airdrop of Holiday Crocos Collection. 






Over 170 traits make each Crocos guaranteed to be truly unique.



A unique chance to stake your CrocosNFT and receive $Crocos. #Crocos Token staking will be active till 23-12-2021 05:00 PM UTC. 



You’re safe with us. Read our audit here.

Don't miss out!

Mint a Crocos now and receive awesome rewards by staking your NFT.

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Phase 1
Release of Crocos NFT's (1st batch of 2000 NFT's) on CRONOS chain & Integration to marketplaces
Phase 2
Presale for $CROCOS on Dexpad.io > $CROCOS launch > NFT & Single staking live directly after
Phase 3
Free holiday CrocosNFT airdrop to all holders, audit report
Phase 4
More surprises and value will be added to this awesome collection together with the amazing DAO community’s ideas and voting.
In progress
To be announced

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General Question

You're safe with us. Check our audit here.

A Crocos NFT costs 400 CRO. 

The Crocos token is available for trade on Photonswap. 

Yes, you can stake multiple NFT's.

By staking one NFT you will earn around 400 $Crocos tokens per 24 hours. 

Yes. You can stake $Crocos and receive $Crocos. Rewards are lower than staking an CrocosNFT. 


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